Below are additional resources that may be helpful to you:

Montana Alzheimer's Workgroup

MSU Extension

  • Estate Planning Website

  • Power of Attorney (Financial)
  • Health Care Power of Attorney and Related Documents for Montanans  
    This 24-page document explains a Health Care Power of Attorney for Montanans, and includes a worksheet and forms to appoint a health care agent(s) and assist others in understanding your health care preferences.
  • NewTable Tents (PDF):  Provides 2020 Alzheimer Facts and Figures.  Promotes packet (13 pages) (Suggestion:  On every table tent have one side promoting the Legal and Financial Packet and on the other side use one of the Alzheimer’s Stats or Cognitive decline in Montana)

    The size of the table tent templates are 4 x 6.5".  These table tent templates fold down at the bottom of the table tent with Logos and Website information.   MSU Extension found the correct size of table tents/mini posters at:*

    *Disclaimer:  This is an example website that MSU Extension found by searching the Internet for table tents.  If you would prefer, you can search other sites.

  • Placemats:
    • Placemat:  Provides 2020 Alzheimer Facts and Figures and promotes packet. (PDF) Revised March 2020
      • To order copies of the 2019 ALzheimer Facts and Figures placemat, please email Keri Hayes at
    • Quiz Placemat : Provides 2020 Alzheimer Facts and Figures and provides spaces for filling in answers to 10 questions. (PDF)

  • Powerpoint Looping Slides:
  • Family Financial Management Publications Order Form (PDF)

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