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Montana Specific Resources:

  1. Montana State University Extension

    1. MontGuides:
      • Financial, Estate, and Health Care Planning Documents for Montanans Concerned About Memory Loss. (MT202005HR) (2020)
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        All Montanans should plan for the future. For those who are concerned about memory loss, completing financial, estate and health care documents is even more important. Anyone could develop some form of dementia or experience a debilitating brain injury from a stroke or accident. These events have the potential to affect one’s ability to remember, to reason, and to make decisions about finances, legacies, and health care treatments.

      • Power of Attorney (financial) (MT199001HR) (2018)
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        Explains how to give another person authority to make financial decisions for you through a legal document known as a power of attorney. Information about the Montana Uniform Power of Attorney Act passed by the Montana Legislature is provided. Features of the new Statutory Power of Attorney form are also explained. 

      • Health Care Power of Attorney and Related Documents for Montanans  (EB0231)  (2020)
        (PDF Version-ADA Accessible)  [Order Online]
        This 24-page document explains a Health Care Power of Attorney for Montanans, and includes a worksheet and forms to appoint a health care agent(s) and assist others in understanding your health care preferences.

      • Medicaid and Long-Term Care Costs.  (MT199511HR) (2021) 
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        Outlines the legal and tax ramifications, as well as impacts on emotional and physical health of financing long-term care. 

      • Long-Term Care Partnership Insurance in Montana (MT201202HR) (2018) 
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        Provides basic information about the Montana long-term care partnership insurance program, tax benefits, and shopping tips. 

      • Talking With Aging Parents About Finances  (MT199324HR) (2017)
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        Gives advice for dealing diplomatically with family finance issues.

    2. Alzheimer Resources for Montanans:
      • Concerned About Memory Loss Packet Download Materials and Order FormMSU Extension wants to ensure Montanans with Alzheimer’s disease or related dementias and their family caregivers have access to Montana-specific about legal/financial alternatives.  We want you to be able to execute appropriate legal documentsfor your circumstances. 

  2. Montana Lifespan Respite Brochure: A Break for the Family Caregiver (DEAP)

National Specific Resources:

  1. National Institute on Aging Information Center:
  2. Alzheimer's Association:

Additional Materials:

  1. Program Mission, Vision, and Goals and Objectives
  2. Vicki Schmall Background/Learning Objectives and Main Points 
  3. Links to Informative Alzheimer’s Websites
  4. Additional Alzheimer’s Materials Order Form 
  5. Guidelines for Conducting a Bibliotherapy Session 
  6. Choosing an Appropriate Book When Conducting a Bibliotherapy Session 
  7. Choosing a Storybook About Alzheimer’s 
  8. Recommended Practices When Reading Storybooks to Children
  9. Please Explain Alzheimer’s to Me Parent/Caregiver—Information for Readers 
  10. Selected Storybooks for Children About Alzheimer’s 
  11. Thank You and What’s Next