Montana State University Extension is piloting an Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness for Children Storybook Program.  The goal of the program is to increase awareness and knowledge about Alzheimer’s disease and provide supportive resources to children and families in Montana.

Anyone who knows someone with Alzheimer’s and a young child who would benefit from gaining an understanding about unusual behaviors of their loved one, is eligible to receive one FREE storybook. Click here for the order form and the reading guides that accompany each book.  

We are encouraging parents to donate the storybook to their local library when they believe the child has outgrown it.

Would you share information about the program with library patrons in your community? If yes, click here to see examples of ways to share the program with parents who come into your library.



Funding for the purchase of the storybooks in this program have been made possible by a grant from the Montana Geriatric Education Center at the University of Montana.

Additional support provided by:

Alzheimer Association